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February 23 / Front articles

The boat for the Venture Cup 2014 is based on a Formula FasTech 382.



  • Formula Fastech 382 from 2007 with hardly any hours spend on the water
  • Originally with two Mercury Racing 600sci (600HP each) and Mercury Racing ITS and XR drives, pokerrun setup
  • Modified with two Mercury Racing 600sci (820HP each) and Arneson ASD7 surface drives, race setup
  • Cabin modified with extra fueltanks to carry enough fuel for every stage in the Venture Cup 2014



Our Partners and Supporters for The Venture Cup 2014.

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Venture Cup 2014 Trailer

This is what its about for Team Warlord !!

Venture Cup Promo - February 2014.

Venture Cup 2013 Prologue

Venture Cup Prologue 2013 - Anticipation.

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